The 'Authors' of Book and Cranny

The only thing better than finishing a good book is writing your own story.

It's amazing how a single sentence was able to inspire a group of friends into opening a cafe together. But it wasn't just any cafe. It was a book cafe. To our fellow bibliophiles reading this, we understand how hard it is to find a quiet and comfortable place to read a book, or maybe you just can't find a book to read. That's why established Book & Cranny.

Whether you're looking for a new book to read; inspiration for the novel you're writing; or even just some food and drinks to give you that little boost: we already have everything prepared.

It's all waiting at Book & Cranny.

Why a Book Cafe?

Why not?

You never know what you can find in books: words you needed to hear (in this case, read); a character you can relate to; an adventure that takes you far away from this reality and into another one. The possibilities are infinite, and we want to share with everyone, bibliophile or not, the weight of the words those pages can hold.

After all, why write a book if not for others to read?

Feels Just Like Home

Book & Cranny was designed to be warm, cozy, and familiar.

We want every patron who walks in here to feel like they're in the right place, that they belong in there amongst everyone else. We want you to feel comfortable here, just like you would at home. We might not have your bed, but we do have a dedicated reading floor (yes, that's right, a whole floor) for those who prefer reading on arm chairs and couches, or simply prefer a much more quiet environment to the chatter in the cafe on the first floor.

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